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May 14, 2022

Birthdays are one of the most awaited events in a year for everyone. Be it your own birthday or your dear ones, making this day special is everyone’s wish. Making things happen in an extraordinary way for a perfect birthday celebration that we’ve thought of needs a little bit of planning. So, if you wish to know how to plan it well for your loved one’s birthday, follow this post till the end, where we’re giving you five amazing ways to make birthdays awesome.

Planning A Perfect Midnight Celebration

What could be the best way of celebrating a birthday than celebrating it at the right moment itself! Midnight celebrations for any noteworthy event surely delight the person having a birthday. It makes their heart filled with love for the surprise they receive from you. How to make it special would be a question arising in your mind? Don’t worry! Follow these simple steps and plan perfectly for your loved one’s birthday.

Get a delicious cake of their favorite flavor from the best store in your vicinity. It is the first required thing for celebrating a birthday. Decorate one of the rooms in your house with balloons and other decorative items. Don’t forget to put a happy birthday tag with helium balloons on the wall.

Once everything is ready, keep the lights off and wait for the moment. Let them be unaware of the planning until the clock hits 12. Ask them to come to the room just a few minutes before midnight, and as the clock ticks 12’o clock, switch on the lights with birthday wishes showering from all the members present in the room. It would be an overwhelming experience for them that will stay in their heart forever. Now proceed with the cake cutting ceremony and let the celebration begins.

Planning A Surprise At Their Favorite Place

If you know about a place that is your dear one’s favorite, you can plan a much better surprise at the location. If it’s a restaurant, you’ll have to convince the restaurant manager or the owner. However, many restaurants allow special arrangements for a surprise birthday celebration.

Reserve a table before reaching the restaurant, and make a few arrangements in advance, such as cake for the occasion and a guitar player for a birthday song. Ask the restaurant staff to be a part of the surprise celebration. Once you reach the restaurant, and your loved one is at the table reserved earlier, ask the staff to serve a welcome drink specially made for them.

It could be anything according to their taste. Ask the staff to bring the cake to the table and let the guitarist know to play the birthday song for the birthday boy/girl. With everyone wishing good wishes for their birthday, the music being played for them would make them feel special for sure. Now you can proceed with ordering their favorite cuisine for the dinner or the lunch.

Planning A Grand Celebration

Book a place for the celebration, and invite your loved one’s friends and family members to the venue without letting the birthday person know anything about it. Pretend that you forgot their birthday and act normal as if it’s just another day and nothing special about it.

Pre-arrange everything at the venue, including the cake, birthday decor, party poppers, and a projector to showcase all their childhood pictures on a screen. If the celebration is in Delhi and you forgot about bringing flowers for the event to greet your loved ones, don’t worry!

You can have them with online flower delivery in Delhi to the venue. Ask everyone invited to reach out before the birthday person at the venue. Now, as everything is ready, ask your loved one to accompany you to someplace, pretending you still don’t remember that it’s their birthday today. Take them to the venue and give them a memory for a lifetime. Watching all the family members and friends coming together to celebrate the birthday would bring a big smile to the person’s face having a birthday.

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