November 26, 2021


If you’re in the retail business and your
goods are valued by weight, then you definitely need to get some good weighing
scales. There are various types of weighing scales out there and some might be
more appropriate for the products that you are selling. Here are some of the
most common weighing scales and the functions they are used for.



These are complex scales that are found inside
hospitals and clinics. Physician’s scales typically utilize the power of
physics to help get the accurate weight of a person.


While some hospitals now use digital scales,
there are still those that prefer the traditional physician’s scale as it
apparently offers more accuracy. It takes some practice to master the use of a
physician’s scale but overall, the learning curve isn’t too steep.

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Person using a physician’s scale.


If you’re a home chef or an avid baker at
home, then it is a must that you get a kitchen scale. These scales measure
things by the gram and they are used to help you make precise measurements when
it comes to cooking. They are very important especially when it comes to baking
where accurate measurements are vital.


Also known as food scales, kitchen scales can
also be used to measure the weight of food itself. People who are practising
calorie counting for losing weight can use kitchen scales to give themselves a
more accurate measure of the amount of calories they can consume within a day.

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These are scales that you will typically find
at home. There are digital and analog bathroom scales. As the name suggests,
these scales are typically seen in bathrooms and they are used to measure the
weight of people.


Aside from weighing people, bathroom scales
can also be used to weigh pets. Simply take your weight first, then carry your
pet. Next, subtract your weight from the results and you can get your pet’s
weight easily.



These are portable weighing devices that are
used for aloft weighing or lifting purposes. In most models, hanging scales
have a hook from which you can hang your items to be weighed and a precision gauge
shows you the exact weight of the item. It’s one of the most common types of
scales out there.

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Hanging scales have various purposes. They can
be used in medical, industrial, commercial, and other sectors just to name a


One challenge with hanging scales is that they
are prone to damage because of how it’sits
used. Meltrons
suggests getting a hanging scale from a trusted brand so that you can guarantee
that your unit will be there to stay for a long time.



In terms of how they are used and how they
function, crane scales are very similar to hanging scales. The difference is
that crane scales have more weight capacity. In total, they can carry up to
5,000 pounds of weight. They are mostly used to weigh heavy objects like cars.

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Crane scales are specifically used to lift
heavy objects high above the ground so it takes a lot of precaution to use



These types of scales are commonly used by
people within the postal service industry. The scale is capable of displaying
price changes whenever weight is added or removed. This is an important part of
the postal service industry as it gives them an accurate measure of how much
shipping fees are to be charged to a customer.



For measurements of materials that are
minuscule, a microbalance scale is needed. These are commonly used by
scientists, microbiologists, and pharmacists alike. Large scales cannot
accurately measure things that weigh a few milligrams only so they cannot be
used for such functions.

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With a microbalance scale, however, the
process is a lot easier and it can prevent errors as well. This is very
important especially for tasks such as creating medicine wherein the
measurements of the ingredients are very vital.



If you are a frequent traveller, then you’re
probably well aware of how frustrating it can be to pay extra at an airline
just because your bags went above the weight limit by a few kilos.


Luggage scales are handheld scales that you
can strap on your bag. Once strapped, simply lift the scale up and you’ll get
an accurate measurement of the weight of your bags. This is a good accessory to
have for frequent travellers as they can measure the amount they are carrying
on the go.

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Getting the right weighing
scale for your business is crucial for both you and your customers. Before
getting a scale, make sure you learn more about the types of it first as some
are definitely better for your business than others. With the right scale, you
can operate your business as smoothly as possible.


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