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May 18, 2022

Coloured contact lenses are a great way of adding a new and exciting eye colour to your eyes whilst offering a great form of visual correction. It’s no wonder they have become so popular amongst Hollywood’s elite.

5 Celebrities Who Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

There are a range of coloured contact lenses used to achieve different effects, from dramatic opaque coloured lenses to enhancement tinted contact lenses. Some are so natural looking; you wouldn’t even notice one wearing them. For example, enhancement tinted lenses are designed to give you a subtle update by adding depth and intensity to your natural eye colour whereas opaque tinted lenses are much stronger and will completely transform your eye colour with a dramatic and vibrant hue. That’s the beauty of coloured contacts and the reason they have become so popular with celebrities. Here are our top 5 celebrities who have achieved their gorgeous eye colour through coloured contact lenses.

1. Angelina Jolie

Not only is Angelina Jolie known for wearing coloured contact lenses to get into character for films such as Maleficent, but she is also a regular wearer of coloured contact lenses on the red carpet. You may have noticed that this blue-eyed bombshell often switches her eye colour to a striking green for such occasions and sometimes even opts for softer blues. 

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Source: celebrity.fm, Pinterest

2. Kylie Jenner

As well as changing her hair colour and makeup, Kylie Jenner is known to surprise us with an update in eye colour once in a while too. The billionaire beauty naturally has light brown eyes but switches to blue and greyish green on occasion. From subtle hues to vibrant shades, we all know how much Kylie enjoys a transformation and wearing coloured contact lenses are definitely a fun part of it. 

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Source: Pinterest

3. Paris Hilton

Our favourite socialite turned reality star turned DJ loves to change her eye colour, in fact, she’s rarely ever seen with her natural eye colour which is a soft brown. Paris is better known for her striking blue eyes which she achieves with coloured contact lenses. Apparently her coloured contact lenses are custom made for her and cost $400 for just one pair; Nevertheless, her blonde hair and blue eyes is what gives her a trademark look for which she is renowned for.

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 Source: Pinterest

4. Kanye West

Never one to be subtle, the rap mogul turned high end fashion designer loves opting for a bolder look when it comes to coloured contact lenses. From ice blue lenses which he wore at the Met Gala back in 2016 to bright white lenses when out and about with his girlfriend Julia Fox, Kanye West favours a more dramatic aesthetic when it comes to changing his eye colour. 

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Source: Pinterest

5. Jason Momoa

Despite his gorgeous green natural eye colour, Jason Momoa has changed his eye coloured with coloured contact lenses many times to get ready for certain roles. From golden-amber coloured eyes to piercing blue eyes, Momoa achieves a smouldering look time and time again with coloured contact lenses.

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Source: Pinterest

And there we have it, a round up of the top 5 celebrities who wear coloured contact lenses. A versatile fashion accessory for both men and women, coloured contact lenses can not only add a fun and striking element to your look, but they can also be used to correct your vision, be it for occasions or on a daily basis.

While some celebs have been rumoured to have splashed out as much as $400 on custom contact lenses, others have opted for reputable high street brands which can be purchased from online retailers such as Feel Good Contacts. 

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