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May 22, 2022

Find the ideal heatmap site, whether you’ve used them before or not. If you Google it, you’ll find many lovely heatmaps. Find a heatmap tool that improves your site. How can you choose the best heatmap? You’re in luck. Heatmap tools vary. This tutorial helps you choose a website host.

How to Pick the Best Heatmap Tools?

When considering a heatmap tool, consider these aspects. This criterion will help you choose the best tool. This strategy might help you select a useful heatmap tool.

Installation and Usability

Starting a website tool is difficult. This is true for non-techies. Not all website owners are developers. It’s important to choose an easy-to-use heatmap program that delivers high-quality data.

Sign up and create your own heatmap in 15 minutes. The answers shouldn’t need the mother’s maiden name and blood type. To create an account, you need an email address, password, and billing information. All heatmap tools need website code. So they can monitor visitor data and behavior.

Choosing a heatmap tool should be straightforward. If you’re familiar with modifying HTML code, copy and paste will do.

Nobody likes modifying code. The finest heatmap tools are script-free. Look for a technology that can quickly connect with your site utilizing an app.

Is the heatmap tool you’re contemplating WordPress-compatible? Can you find that tool in Shopify’s App Marketplace? If you want to create a heatmap without touching code, ask yourself these questions. After installing the heatmap script on your website, producing and maintaining heatmaps should be easy.

Best heatmap tools offer easy-to-use dashboards. Regardless of technical experience, everyone should be able to create heatmaps, examine reports, and access website data.


Price always matters when evaluating software or website tools. Heatmap tools shouldn’t be expensive. Some solutions cost over $10,000 annually. For most people, that’s ridiculous.

Don’t assume pricey is better. Top heatmap tools cost less than $25 per month.

This is a low-value investment. Heatmap data can help you enhance conversions on your website, which might 10x your ROI.

Find a heatmap solution with multiple monthly subscriptions. This helps you avoid overpaying for unnecessary features.

Use a free heatmap tool. Longer is preferable. Some tools provide limited free trials of a week or two. The top heatmap tools provide 30 days of full functionality for every package.


Best heatmap tools are well-known. Google the tool’s name with “ratings” or “reviews.” You should see five or ten-point star ratings.

See what consumers think about the solution. Always expect some unfavorable reviews. See what most say.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals utilize credible heatmap tools. High numbers indicate high quality. Global brands trust the greatest heatmap tools.

Use a durable tool. I’d rather use a 10-plus-year-old heatmap tool than one that recently appeared. These proven tools have been tried millions of times.


Not everyone uses the same heatmap data. Choose a tool that lets you adjust heatmap settings and parameters.

Want to test desktop, tablet, and mobile site visitors? Best heatmap tools provide three reports. Alternatively, you may solely monitor mobile and desktop visits.

Best heatmap solutions provide extensive settings customization. Pop-up blocking, sampling ratio, and tracking are examples.

Default settings are fine for beginners learning how to utilize heatmaps. It’s wonderful to know you’ll have advanced choices in the future.

Visual Reports

Heatmaps present data more clearly than other analytics tools. A heatmap shows the most popular portions of your website based on visitor activity.

No spreadsheets or complicated figures are needed. Find an easy-to-read heatmap. Your “hottest” content will be lighter.

Best heatmap tools give visual reports. Scroll maps help assess visitor behavior and conversions.

Not every heatmap tool gives you a scroll map like the one above. The scroll map and heatmap should be separate.

Other visual tools provide click metrics. The finest heatmap solutions include information on various website components that may be examined visually and in lists.

Look beyond a simple heatmap. Heatmaps are visual reports that may help you assess user behavior and conversions.

So, what is the best heatmap tool?

Based on the above list of criteria, Creabl (https://creabl.com/) meets every single one of them. It’s clear that it’s the best heatmap tool available right now.

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